The Keys of Wisdom

Keys of Wisdom The Author Herself about the Book:

Hello everyone,

Many years ago I had the idea to write a fantasy novel. It has finally happened.

Where some of the ideas came from:

I grew up on The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia books, and they were my initial inspiration. At the beginning of the book, you learn that the seven main characters, aged between nine and eighteen, live in a pretty awful country called Teletsia. Well, the rulers are pretty awful.

On one occasion, many years ago, I was able to ask Shri Mataji what ancient Atlantis was like. (Atlantis was a legendary country in the Atlantic Ocean which, according to Socrates, went under the sea twelve thousand years ago)

‘Atlantis was like Nazi Germany but worse,’ Shri Mataji replied, so that is what Teletsia is – outwardly orderly but nasty things going on if you look a bit closer. The sort of place you’d want to get out of, fast.

A few pages later you read that some of the young people find an ancient prophecy. The narrator of the novel, Asha, a girl of fourteen, has a supraconscious power which later in the book gets her into big trouble. At the beginning one might think this ability is something very special – in fact it is supposed to, but then they realize supraconscious knowledge can get you into a lot of problems. Asha sees the chakras inside people. Kind of handy when you need to know whether they are evil, or can be trusted.

In the book, the young people go to visit an ancient stone temple, somewhat like Stonehenge – the Temple of Support. And here start there adventures and traveling.

An innocent child’s fantasy? A fantasy of reality? That is the subtitle, and it hopefully will bring a glimpse of reality to you.

The website is .

All the best to all of you,

Linda Williams

You may order this BOOK at:


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