Script for a Children’s Play: Snow Queen

Snow Queen, Fidelity and the Power of Pure Love

the play on the motives of the fairy-tale by Andersen, the author of the script is Alexey Yegorov, first performed by the Sahaja collective of Kazan, Russia


Gerdah (girl)

Kai (boy)

Gerdah’s Grandmother

Fairy of flowers

Snow queen




She–robber (woman, mother of Girl–robber)

Girl–robber (girl)

Finn (Finnish woman)

Northern deer

The author (a voice–over)


Flowers (small children play)

* – the words specified by italic characters show the action


(Kai and Gerdah are sitting on the floor before their roses in a flowerpot, the children are looking at the flowers and watering them)

The author: There lived a boy and a girl in a big city where the capstans of houses touch clouds and swallows build their nests under the tile roofs. The windows of their houses faced each other and the children cheerfully played and looked after fine roses on a small balcony connecting the houses. They were so amicable that they could not live without each other even one day.

Kai: Gerdah, look at our roses! They have become so beautiful!

Gerdah: And what a wonderful aroma! Just feel it, Kai!

Kai: I wonder whether we can be like these roses?

(Gerdah’s Grandmother comes)

Gerdah’s Grandmother: Certainly. You are like flowers. You only should open up yourself. (She addresses her grand daughter) Gerdah.

Gerdah: Yes, granny.

Gerdah’s Grandmother: I have prepared tea for you, help me to lay the table, my dear.

Gerdah: Of course, granny (She stands up and addresses Kai) –Kai, wait for me.

(they go)

(Kai takes and reads a book silently)

The author: Far away from this place, there was a furious, very wicked troll. He had made a mirror. But this mirror misrepresent everything. Good things looked like bad, fine – like ugly, and true – like false.

And the trolls wanted to lift this mirror up to the sky, but … (pause) the mirror has escaped, and, having fallen to the ground, broke into millions and millions smithereens. And these splinters scattered all over the world…

Kai: Ah, I have got something in my eye! (rubs the eye, stands up) Ah, my heart!

(holds his hand on his heart, Gerdah runs in)

Gerdah: Kai, what is the matter with you?! Lovely sworn brother, does it hurt?!

Kai: (keeps away from her) let me alone, a whining little girl!

Gerdah: I have not made anything to you, let’s better go to have tea!

Kai: I don’t need your tea, as well as these rotten roses !

(he overturns the flowerpot and goes)

(Gerdah takes the flowers in her hands and fondles them)

Gerdah: Our roses! Poor roses, poor Kai.

(She leaves)



(The Grandmother sits in an armchair and knits, children sit beside her)

The author: Time has passed and icy cold snow winter came to change the warm tender summer. The frost drew strange patterns on glasses, and the wind was turning whirlwinds of white snowflakes along the street.

Gerdah: Kai, look, they are whirling like white bees!

Kai: Have you seen a snowflake through the magnifying glass?

Gerdah: No.

Kai: Well, it is made skillfully, such accuracy! It is much more interesting than real flowers!

Gerdah (addresses the grandmother): Granny, is it true that snowflakes have a queen?

Gerdah’s Grandmother: Yes, my dear. She has an icy soul and a heart, which does not know love.

Gerdah: And can she enter here?

Kai: Let her try! I shall put her on the hot oven – and she will melt immediately!

(He climbs a chair)

(The Snow Queen appears in the corner of the stage and beckons him, frightened he jumps off. The apparition disappears)

Gerdah: What is it? The Snow Queen?

Kai: A silly little girl! All this is just a fairy tales. (He takes the sledge) Now I shall go to the square to go for a drive after carts with some boys. (pulls her by her plait)

Gerdah: May I go with you?

Kai: No, you will be frightened. (He leaves)

(Gerdah wipes tears, her grandmother consoles her)

The author: Kai ran to the snow-covered square where a lot of children had come for a drive. Venturesome boys hitched up their sledges to country carts and drove rather far. Suddenly a big white sledge appeared in the square. Kai quickly hitched up his sledge and drove faster and faster.

And at last he disappeared from the view. Nobody saw him again. (Pause)

Cold winter months have passed and long–awaited spring has come.

But Gerdah has not forgotten about the sworn brother and mourned very much.

(Her grandmother knits and falls asleep)

Gerdah (to the grandmother): Will Kai really never return?! If he is alive – I should find him!

(She leaves)



The author: Gerdah left the city and went along the river which was smoothly carrying the waters to the ocean. Whether for a long or a short time Gerdah walked, nobody knows but finally and she came to a beautiful green garden full of different flowers.

(Gerdah is surrounded by Flowers (children), music sounds, Flowers are turned around, the Fairy of flowers appears)

Gerdah: Ah, what marvellous flowers! (She addresses the Fairy of flowers, delightfully)

Hello, who are you?

Fairy of flowers: Hello, I am the Fairy of flowers. And who are you, lovely girl? What are you doing here?

Gerdah: My name is Gerdah. I around the wide world looking for my dear brother Kai.

Fairy of flowers: You have a pure and courageous heart, girl. And to cover your way easily and to rescue Kai let the Power of Divine Love wake up in you and a fine flower blossom above your head.

Gerdah: Fairy! What is the Power?

Fairy of flowers: It is the Power gifted to us by Great Mother. She is the one who gives infinite love. She has neither beginning nor end and she is all-pervading. Do you want to awake this Power?

Gerdah: Yes, yes, certainly!

Fairy of flowers: Then put the right hand on your heart and say: “Great Divine Love, come to my heart!”

Gerdah: (repeats): Great Divine Love, come to my heart!

Fairy of flowers: And now lift your palm above your head.

Gerdah: Oh, what is it?! It’s like a flower is opening! What joy !

Fairy of flowers: And now draw a rainbow above yourself (She makes a bandhan). This rainbow is your protection.

Gerdah: And can I rescue Kai now?

Fairy of flowers: Yes, and you can melt the ice in his heart.

Gerdah: Many thanks! Good–bye, lovely Fairy!

Fairy of flowers: Good–bye, lovely girl.

(they leave)



(Kai sits on the floor and builds figures from ice)

The author: And in the meantime, at the world’s end, there was Kai put in a strange slumber in the ice halls of the Snow Queen. He was sitting on the smooth floor which looked like a mirror and building figures from ice.

(there appears the Snow Queen)

Snow Queen: You make success, Kai.

Kai: What perfection of facets! (He examines a piece of flat ice). There is not any wrong line!

Snow Queen: Are cold, Kai?

Kai: No, I do not feel cold.

Snow Queen: It is good, Kai. Do you remember what love is?

Kai: No, I do not remember.

Snow Queen: You have become very clever, Kai. Your heart will become absolute ice very soon. You will be indifferent to these silly people, also to their sufferings and joys. You are the supreme being, Kai, nobody can be compared to you. Do you want to receive the authority, Kai?

Kai: I don’t know, for what?

Snow Queen: Why? Don’t you know? With the help of the authority you can play people, as these ice figures. Everyone will do what you want. And nobody can resist you.

Kai: But, are people ice figures? The Grandmother told us that Gerdah and I are like flowers.

Snow Queen (angrily): Do you remember Gerdah? You have to forget her forever.The most correct flowers are ice flowers.

Kai: Yes, but they have no smell.

Snow Queen: Boy, how dare you contradict me, the Snow Queen! I shall turn the people’s hearts into ice, and all the world will become an ice desert!

(She leaves)



The author: Gerdah went and went, through sunny meadows and shady groves, through forests and fenny bogs asking each passer-by about her brother. But nobody had met him. And one day she saw a big raven.

Gerdah: Hello, Raven. My name is Gerdah. I go around the wide world looking for my dear brother Kai. Do you know where he is?

Raven: Carrhae (pompously croaks) we, r-ravens, so clever! We know everything! Fly with me, I shall feed you with a wor-rm and read you a book!

Gerdah: No, no. Worms and books are not necessary for me, I need my brother Kai. He is very courageous.

Raven: Carrhae. I know one courageous boy. He has come to our royal palace from far away and this boy and the princess have become good friends.

Gerdah: Probably it is he! Lead me there quickly!

(they leave)



(The Prince represents the right channel and Princess represents the left channel, they come and quarrel because of a toy)

Prince: Now I shall play, give it to me!

Princess: No, you have already played, now I want!

Prince: I have found it first!

Princess: No, it is my toy!

(Gerdah and the Raven come)

Gerdah: Ah, it is so hot here for my palms! I should make a rainbow (she makes a bandhan).

(The Prince pulls The Princess by her plait and takes the toy)

Prince: It is for you, annoying little girl!

Princess: I shall complain to the daddy (she cries) and he will declare war on your kingdom !

Prince: You are telltale, I will not play with you any more!

Gerdah: Do you really want to begin war because of a toy?!

Prince: Girl, who are you?

Princess: How did you come here?

Gerdah: My name is Gerdah. I go around the wide world looking for my dear brother Kai.

Princess (she puts her hands on her breast): Ah, so romantic!

Prince: That is an adventure!

Gerdah: I hoped to find him here …, but I have found only a quarrel.

Prince: But if we shall not quarrel it will be absolutely not interesting!

Princess: Gerdah, don’t leave. We are so bored!

Gerdah: But I have to look for Kai … and do you want joy to be opened in your hearts and a fine flower to blossom above your heads? After that it will be never necessary for you to quarrel.

Prince: Yes, we want!

Princess: Certainly, we want!

Gerdah: Put your right palm on your heart and ask: “Great Divine Love, come to my heart!”

(Prince and Princess repeat it)

Gerdah: Now lift your palm above your head.

Prince: Ah! Great! And I am not angry at all now!

Princess: Oh! What a cool breeze, and I am not sad at all!

(Gerdah gives an orange balloon to the Prince, anda blue balloon to the Princess)

Gerdah: Now you will be the sun and you will be the moon. And they do not quarrel in the sky, play together! It is time for me to go.

(Prince and Princess dress her for the journey)

Princess: Aren’t you afraid of malicious forest robbers?

Gerdah: No, I have a protection. (she makes a bandhan)., I am afraid of nobody.

Princess: Good–bye, Gerdah!

Prince: Happy journey!

Gerdah: Good–bye.

(they wave hands and she leaves)



The author: Having left the hospitable castle of the Prince and Princess, Gerdah continued her way. And the sandy twisting road has led her to a dark dense forest. And suddenly …

(The robbers are sitting at a fire playing cards, a She–robber comes up to Gerdah with a gun)

She–robber: Ha ha. That’s all… we have caught you, honey! What a chubby girl, how clean! And probably she has a tight-filled purse!

(Gerdah makes a bandhan)

She–robber: Now we take it (she comes up to Gerdah)

(A Girl–robber runs out, pushes the She–robber away)

Girl–robber: Take away the gun, Mummy! She will be my toy.

She–robber: Why do you clash with me, daughter … It is my booty.

Girl–robber: Then we shall share it. The dress is for you and the little girl is for me.

She–robber: OK (she addresses Gerdah), well, take off your fur coat. Ah … (She falls down from an invisible impact)

Girl–robber: Well – well, easier. Don’t be afraid, she will not touch you, as long as I am kind. Let’s go, I ‘ll show you my animals.
(They come to a wood camp. There is a roped Northern deer)

Girl–robber: It is my Northern deer.

Northern deer: I am not yours, I am created free.

Gerdah: Ah, he is speaking!

Girl–robber: Well, now tell me: who are you and what are you doing?

Gerdah: My name is Gerdah. I go around the wide world looking for my dear brother Kai. In winter he hitched up his sledge to a big white sledge and it took him away. Nobody knows where.

Girl–robber: Is he really such a cool boy to run after him around the wide world? Oh, I will cry now! (As it’s a joke she laughs)

Northern deer: I have seen who took him away, girl.

Gerdah: Have you seen Kai?! Where is he?

Girl–robber: You …? Speak immediately!

Northern deer: The Snow Queen has taken Kai away. I saw her white sledge and a small sledge with a boy was following it. It was in my native land – the Far North.

Gerdah (addresses the girl–robber): Let me go to the North please.

Girl–robber: Stop it, you will find the other boy for yourself. Look, we have cool life here – freedom, everyone is a master for himself. Stay with us.

Gerdah: Can I forsake the brother in a trouble? And the true freedom is inside. It is the freedom of Spirit. And you can become your own master only if you have awoken the Divine Power inside yourself.

Girl–robber: What? What is the Power?

Gerdah: It’s the Power of Love. Do you want to feel it?
(Girl–robber nods in a token of the consent)

Gerdah: Put your right hand on your heart and ask, ” Great Divine Love, come to my heart!”

Girl–robber: Great Divine Love, come to my heart… Oh, I am melting, it feels so good!

Gerdah: Now an invisible to the eyes flower will blossom above your head.

Girl–robber: Yes, I feel it! Hey, Deer! Carry the little girl to Kai immediately.
(The Girl–robber unties the Deer)

Northern deer: I shall bring her to the wise Finn, she knows where the Snow Queen’s palace is.

Gerdah: Thank you, lovely sister. (She kisses the Girl–robber)

Girl–robber: Good luck to you, Gerdah. Nobody called me a “lovely sister”. I’ll cry now (seriously). Deer, skip faster than the wind. Good bye!

(The Deer takes Gerdah on his back, they leave)



(the Finn sits and embroiders)

The author: There was a wise Finn in the far North, in a low log house on the coast of a frozen lake. In summer she fished and collected roots and in winter she weaved clothes and embroidered wonderful traceries. The Deer with Gerdah have arrived tired and exhausted.

Finn: Oh, my poor, from whence are you?

Northern deer: The Girl searches for her dear brother, he has been taken away by the Snow Queen.

Finn: Warm yourself, my sweet, have a meal.

Gerdah: Kind woman, tell me please, where can I find Kai?

Finn: For certain, Kai is in the halls of the Snow Queen. It is necessary to cross the lake and then to go for a long time along the ice …

Northern deer: Give her the power of 12 herculeses.

Finn: No, I cannot give her a greater power than she has now. I feel the Power of the Divine Love in her which is granted her by Great Mother.

Gerdah: I must go!

Finn: Where are you, child! There is a snow-storm now. And the deer cannot skip because of tiredness.

Gerdah: I must go!

(She stands up and leaves, the Finn shouts to her the following)

Finn: You have forgotten your mittens, your boots?!



The author: There was a majestic ice palace over the lake, behind the ice rocks. Gerdah went barefoot, not feeling her feet, surrounded by the howling snow-storm, covering her face from prickly burning snow flakes. And at last she has stepped under sparkling vaults of the ice halls. And she saw Kai.

(Kai is sitting on the floor and building figures from ice)

Gerdah: Kai, I have found you!

Kai: Watch out! You will break my figures! (He continues to build)

Gerdah: Have you really forgotten me?! It’s me, Gerdah. Do you remember our roses?

Kai: I remember nothing, I don’t want to remember anything.

Gerdah: Kai, lovely Kai! (Gerdah cries). The Divine Power, please, help Kai, come to his heart!

(She rises the Kundalini and makes a bandhan over him)

Kai: Oh, it is so hot in my heart (a metal sound like ice is heard). Something has dropped out of an eye! Gerdah, it is you! I haven’t seen you for a long time!

Gerdah: At last you have recognized me!

The author: There was not time to say even a few words by the children as the Snow Queen appeared in the throne hall from a blizzard.

Snow Queen: How dare you come here, little girl. Nobody dare break my ice rest. I will freeze you!

Kai: Don’t touch my sister! I shall stand up for her!

Snow Queen: Ha–ha, a naive boy. Do you really think that you can resist me, the Snow Queen?

Gerdah: Kai, draw a rainbow over yourself! (they make bandhans)

Snow queen: What is the energy going from them?! They are burning me! It is bad for me! (She escapes)



The author: Kai and Gerdah have come back to the city where the capstans of houses touch the clouds and swallows build their nests under tile roofs.

They were sitting on a small balcony and looking at the roses.

Kai: Gerdah, look at our roses! They have becoame so beautiful!

Gerdah: What a wonderful fragrance! And now there are also fine flower blossoms above our heads.

Kai: The times will come when this flower will blossom above all the people and then quarrels and boredom will disappear and the entire world will turn into a glorious wonderful garden.

At the end of the performance sahaja yogis can suggest that the audience should also try to feel a flower above their heads.

6 thoughts on “Script for a Children’s Play: Snow Queen

  1. wow!! this is our story in our play in englsh class of my school i had the role of fairy of flowers, snow queen and the princess.. so much but i actually memorized it fast!! this is nice but i loved the windows oil(melodrama) it’s nice!!!1

  2. charlotte young

    hey its me again charlotte young but ours is different words and i am the princess christina and i am married to a prince called crispin who is played by my friends friend oliver but we hate each other and we’ve only got 28 days left to practise for it:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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