The true story of Lincoln and Stanton

Abraham LincolnLincoln tried love and left for all history a magnificent drama of reconciliation. When he was campaigning for the presidency, one of his arch-enemies was a man named Stanton. For some reason Stanton hated Lincoln. He used every ounce of his energy to degrade him in the eyes of the public. So deep rooted was Stanton’s hate for Lincoln that he uttered words about his physical appearance, and sought to embarrass him at every point with bitterest diatribes.

But in spite of this Lincoln was elected President of the United States. Then came the period when he had to select his cabinet which would consist of the persons who would be his most intimate associates in implementing his programme. He started choosing men here and there for the various secretaryships. The day finally came for Lincoln to select a man to fill the all-important post of Secretary of War. Can you imagine who Linclon chose to fill this post? None other than the man named Stanton.

There was an immediate uproar in the inner circle where the news began to spread. Adviser after adviser was heard saying, “Mr. President, you are making a mistake. Do you know this man, Stanton? Are you familiar with all of the ugly things he said about you? He is your enemy. He will seek to sabotage your programme. Have you thought this through, Mr. President?”

Mr. Lincoln’s answer was terse and to the point: “Yes. I know Mr. Stanton. I am aware of all the terrible things he has said about me. But after looking over the nation, I find he is the best man for the job”.

So, Stanton became Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War and rendered an invaluable service to his nation and his President.

Not many years later Lincoln was assassinated. Many laudable things were said about him. Even today millions of people still adore him as the greatest of Americans. But of all the great statements made about Abraham Lincoln, the words of Stanton remain among the greatest. Standing near the dead body of the man he once hated, Stanton referred to him as one of the greatest men that had ever lived and said, “He now belongs to the ages”.

If Lincoln had hated Stanton both the men would have gone to their graves as bitter enemies. But through the power of love Lincoln transformed an enemy into a friend. It was the same attitude that made it possible for Lincoln to speak a kind word about the South during the Civil War when feeling was the bitterest. Asked by a shocked bystander how he could do this, Lincoln answered, “Madam, do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” This is the power of redemptive love.

Martin Luther Ling – “Strength to love”

Full biography of Abraham Lincoln you can find here.

What is more important for you?

Once there lived a king. His name was Midas. He had a little daughter. They lived in a beautiful palace with a wonderful garden around it.

Now the king was very fond of gold. He loved gold more than anything else in the world. One day, when the king was looking at gold, a young man appeared before him.

“You are a very rich man, Midas”, said the young man. “Yes, said the king, “but I would like to be richer. I would like to have a golden touch. I want everything that I touch to turn into gold”.

The young man was a magician, and he gave the king a golden touch which he wanted to have. The king was very happy. He touched the table and the table became gold. He went into the garden. There were beautiful roses in the garden. He touched the roses and they also became gold.

The king’s daughter, who loved roses very much, saw it and began to cry. “Don’t cry, dear daughter”, said the king and touched his daughter’s head. The next moment the girl turned into a beautiful gold statue.

From Dharamsala with love. Junior section. Fun stuff :)

– Tell the class the first thing that comes to your mind.

– We should balance our left and right side every day and meditate everyday. Those who don’t do, will get this! (And he showed her mosquito bites.) (Shivani, class 2)


Two new aunties came, they got boys. To deal with them and to stay calm – only prayers, bandhans and shoebeats that helped. Once they go after dinner to their dorms:

– I’ll go to my dorm and see, maybe I have to go and pray.

– I think, I should go and pray right now.


Auntie doing bandhan:

– Shri Mataji, we have today a birthday party in dorm 11. Let them just eat the cake and go to bed at 9.30, Shri Mataji, at 9.30…


«My favourite deity is Shri Ganesha, because it’s the only deity I can draw”


I told them to say their favourite words and write them down on the board.

Class 2B: Sahaja Yoga, mother, Shri Mataji, light, Mahatma Gandhi…

Class 2A: pizza, hamburger, cheese, salami, pasta…


Children, write one line of this word.

Vinayak: – Why?

Because this way we are preparing for the exam.

Vinayak: – Good idea! Continue reading “From Dharamsala with love. Junior section. Fun stuff :)”

What can happen if we are greedy


It was a nice summer day. The weather was fine, the sun was shining in the blue sky, the air was fragrant with the smell of grass and flowers. A dog which was running about the streets of a little town saw a butcher’s stall with a lot of meat. The dog cautiously approached the stall and, when the butcher turned away to talk to a woman, quickly seized a big piece of meat and ran away with it. On the way home the dog had to cross a stream by a narrow bridge. As he was crossing, he looked down into the stream and saw his reflection in the water. He thought it was another dog with another piece of meat. He snapped at the reflection and dropped his own piece of meat. That’s how the dog was punished for greediness.

photo by the author of the blog

Values in Life

Once there lived a man who was very fond of gold. He used to say, “While I have my gold, I am the happiest man in the world.” And so all his life he saved money. One day he was traveling in the desert of North Africa. He lost his way. He had no food or water. He was almost dying of hunger. He was so weak that he could not walk, he could not crawl. The heat was terrible. There were only stones and sand around. Just then he saw a bag lying on the sand. He hoped that he would find food in it and water, too. He crawled up to the bag and opened it. He saw that the bag was full of gold. What is the use of gold to a hungry man in the desert? He left the bag on the hot sand, crying bitterly, “I am the most unhappy man in the world”.

Why should we clean our teeth, wash our face, etc.?

Swift, a famous English writer, was traveling one day on horseback with his servant. The weather was bad, it was raining, and the roads were muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn. Before going to bed Swift told his servant to clean his boots. But the servant was lazy and did not do it. In the morning Swift asked the servant why he had not cleaned the boots. “What’s the use cleaning the boots now?” said the servant. “The roads are muddy, and the boots will soon be dirty again”. “All right,” said the writer. “Let’s go. We must continue the journey”. “But I haven’t had breakfast,” said the displeased servant”. “Well, what’s the use giving you breakfast now?” said Swift, “You will soon be hungry again”.

Massage for Children

A massage/drawing which can be made for chidlren from time to time is the following:
First, the whole back is being stroked, i.e. the Universe is being drawn. Then the turn comes for the sacrum bone – it is the Earth planet where a sky-rocket is being built which will be launched in the direction of the farthest planet in the Universe.

Then the chakras-planets are massaged/drawn: Muladhara-Mars, Swadisthan-Mercury, Nabhi – Jupiter, the large area around Jupiter is void, Vishudhi-Saturn, the front Aghia is the Sun giving light, the back Aghia is Neptune, Sahasrara – Pluton.

The rocket is built. We are launching it with the beeja-mantra “Reem” raising the Kundalini with our hands several times. Then we ask the children to close their eyes and try to feel whether the rocket has reached the far planet, whether they feel the cool breeze. We meditate for a while.

In the same way one may draw/massage a child using the names of the stones which correspond to the chakras: coral, amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond and pearls.
One can make a massage drawing flowers with the description of the chakra, watering them with vibrations and weeding.

One can draw a fir-tree and then put small balls as decorations onto it – the balls of the colours corresponding to the chakras. And in the parts of the head where there are ego and superego the balls can be, vice versa, erased, with the explanation that these balls should not be big as then they can bring the whole tree down. And afterwards a garland (the Kundalini) and a star on the top of the head can be lit.

Shri Ganesha, Shri Kartikeya and Shri Gauri – an image to color

Shri Ganesha, Shri Kartikeya, Shri Gauri You can download the image in a larger size by clicking on it.

The story runs as follows:

Once Shri Gauri asked her two children to go around the Earth and she
promised a present to the one who will come first. Shri Kartikeya
immediately mounted his peacock and started off. But Shri Ganesha had
only his little mouse and he understood that he would never come
quicker than his brother. Then an idea occurred to him, “What can be
greater than my Mother as it is She who has created the Earth”. And he
mounted his mouse and made a circle on it around his mother.

Shri Ganesha won the competition.

Babies with high bilirubin levels

My son had high bilirubin levels after the birth and we were told that children who are born early (elias was born at 36th week)  are at higher risk in getting jaundice. On his 4th day after birth we spent 24h in the hospital and he was put in this see-through cabinet where he had light under and on top of him. I got to stay in the same room with him over the whole period of time and what i did was put Shri Mataji’s picture next to his head in the cabinet and i’d work on his liver for some time every now and then. Levels were extremely high and they were amazed after drawing blood from his heel that he got to go home so early and there was no problem after.

So if you go to hospital with your son, please don’t be afraid, realized kids are very strong from the birth and even though it seems bad for you to put the newborn child in the light cabinet with the biliband and only take him out for the feedings. The cabinet is very warm and it is quite comfortable for the baby. Elias was very comfy there and just slept through the whole time.

With love, Saila (a year after the experience)

Images to color online

Clicking this link you will find a page where you can color images right now not leaving your computer:

It’s a Ukrainian site. Thus, the menu is in Russian. But colors are international symbols : )  and you will not have any problems when choosing them. Just click on the color you need and then holding the left key of your mouse move it about the picture.

In the right column you can choose the image to color. First goes Shri Ganesha, then follow Shri Sarasvati, Shri Laxmi, Shri Jagadamba, Shri Shiva, Shri Hanuman, Shri Krishna, Jesus and Shri Kalki.