A scheme of the subtle system for children

Little primary school-aged children remember a lesson much better if they do not listen to the lectures but when the material is presented to them like a game, if the subject can be examined with the eyes, touched with the hands, if children can do something with it. That’s why we suggest making a special scheme of the subtle system that can help a lot, everything depends on your fantasy. Besides, having the scheme we can give the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga to children systematically, each time they will revise something they learnt at the last lesson and learn something new.

subtle scheme

To make a durable scheme it’s better to cut it from, for example, plywood or hardboard with a hack-saw and a fretsaw. Hardboard is softer and if you don’t have a fretsaw you can just cut the silhouette with a chisel, an awl or a screwdriver. Use a file to polish its sides. Then colour it using acryl that does not disappear after becoming dry. One can find it in a shop for painters. It’s enough to have blue, red, gold (yellow) and green colours. The body can be coloured in brown by mixing red and green colours. Paint the Void and the part below in green. You can buy some white colour as well to soften other ones. It’s better to paint all the exterior of the scheme. These colours are so good that can be useful later to draw on textile, to colour clay or wood, for example. Then glue round pieces of fleecy textile glued on cardboard.

 subtle scheme

Mark 3 aspects of each chakra, 10 parts of Void. The scheme is ready. For steadiness (hardboard is flexible) and comfortable transportation one should fix a strip of wood on the back side in the center. Now you should make models of chakras of cardboard. Glue a piece of stickcloth with hooks on the back side. Such pictures can be easily clung to the fleecy fabric and to be removed. And then one can find all possible images of the Deities – not very big – to laminate them if possible and glue them onto cardboard. Use them for teaching and playing. For example, ask them to place emblems of the ten Masters around the Void and to say Who they correspond to.

Usually the smallest children play with the scheme during the class, they try to be first answering the question. Elder children watch the whole process but they are very interested, too. No use saying how mothers are interested!

subtle scheme

When we brought the scheme to the lesson for the first time we said it was a sahaja yogi who knows everything about sahaja yoga and was going to teach us. Then we suggested: “Let’s call him Gyaneshwara”. “Gyana” is “knowledge” in Sanskrit, as you remember, “ishwara” – master, king. So now our Master of knowledge is always at our lessons.

Warm Regards,From Novosibirsk, Russia


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